With whom do you work?
  • Philanthropists & funders who are seeking creative approaches to solving challenging social issues
  • Social entrepreneurs & project leaders who need support building their organizational vision, mission, and capacity
  • Foundations & support organizations who are dedicated to supporting innovative ways to build capacity for social benefit organizations
  • Established organizations seeking to foster a culture of innovation and entrepreneurialism
  • Coalitions and partnerships including philanthropists, government, private sector and nonprofits working together for social benefit.
What do you do for the funders?
We help them make sure their funding has real impact with measurable results. We work with their grantees to help them build well-run businesses, as well as assist them in exercising the kind of stewardship that foundations expect. We also share knowledge and establish best practices, as well as analyze, evaluate, reflect, and opine on developments in the field, so philanthropists can make informed choices about where to put their money.
What do you do for the social entrepreneurs?
Connect them with the resources, information, and expertise needed to support them in building their vision. We have a special focus on non-profit governance including board development, institutional networking, organizational oversight, and grant compliance/assessment.
Do you give grants to startups?
Jumpstart acts as a fiscal sponsor to a number of creative projects in the U.S., Europe, and Israel. As fiscal sponsor we’re responsible for re-granting money from our sponsored projects’ funders, and accountable for their expenditures doing charitable works. We also offer service grants – when a funder gives Jumpstart resources to work with a specific project.
Why network the thought leaders and bring them together?
Because their interactions are a force multiplier for innovation. They teach and learn from one another, and exchange ideas and creative approaches. Jumpstart helps them turn their creativity into results – and then makes what they’ve learned available to inspire other leaders and organizations. We hope to become a clearinghouse for emergent best practices.
Why not just give money directly to the organizations doing the work?
You should. Jumpstart isn’t instead of giving directly to organizations you care about. Jumpstart is in addition to. Jumpstart is about also supporting their sustainability in a way that money alone can’t. Jumpstart is a conduit for philanthropic dollars to reach worthy recipients, in the form of operating support and targeted programmatic and innovation grants, including microgrants for experimental initiatives and programs.
Why should we focus on new organizations?
Because we’re in the midst of a real renaissance in civic and social change and much of that juice is happening outside institutional walls and in new initiatives. While its important for existing organizations to constantly evolve and adapt, sometimes really big changes have to come from outside.
Why are you the right people to take this on?
Because we’ve been working with emerging organizations for over a decade. We also have an extraordinary international group of experienced advisors who are committed to our goals and have confidence in our abilities to achieve our mission.
Why are you doing this? Really.
Because we love what we do. Because old school institutions and philanthropies do great work, but aren’t always at the leading edge of envisioning where society is going. We see the transformative power that new approaches and technology have, and we want to help build the future to make the world a better place.

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